Mass Effect Legendary Edition

So this is my next game…s. At least the first mass effect will be. I’m not playing them back to back so I don’t get burnt out. I already played the trilogy back in the day and I imagine most of you have too, so I won’t bother explaining. If you haven’t played it, but have played Dragon Age, well it’s dragon age in space. What I will say is that the driving in the first game is still horse shit. They might have improved it in a minor way, but I can’t remember precisely what it was like a decade ago. Other than that it’s the same game but looking real pretty and running very well. I’m getting a solid 144fps at 4k at max settings. Will post more later.




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Beat the first game a couple days ago and forgot to post. Started second today. Only played a bit, but you’re butt fucked with 1080p res until the second time the game gives you control… even though the first time you can change graphics settings, nothing takes effect until the second. EA incompetence, no surprise.


Beat ME2 last night. Still good. Still recommended.


Started ME3 a couple days ago. No problems…so far.


Just beat it. I can’t see myself playing that trilogy again for at least a decade. I’d rather see a new one than another remaster.


Well, they did kinda teased a new ME game back when they announced the Legendary edition.

Just not another Andromeda. Last preorder i ever did…thanks?

I’ll have to finish that one. Played it for about 3 hours. It’s decent enough

I got halfway through Andromeda. The shooting was OK but the characters, story and missions were sooooooo borrrrriiiiiinnnngggg

That is how I felt too, it was like they somehow made it worse. ME3 was my least favorite in the OG trilogy for story.