Meet Hiro!

My new puppy! My son named him after the main character from Big Hero 6 :slight_smile:

Ba lalalalal

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I have a black labrador. I love her but she’s the biggest asshole I’ve ever seen in my life. And apparently all black labradors are assholes. So keep that in mind! Hello Hirooooooo~

And hello from Nela


Hello From Mad Jack. Katsuo Speaking of dogs who are assholes, this one takes pleasure in trying to take peoples heads off with his chain.


gorkie I thought every dog likes to do that hmmmm

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0_1501527108216_10391872_207373203463_3379027_n.jpg My boys they are raising hell in dog heaven i think :smiley:

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walruswitalys hi, Sami. Your new name is weird haha

shiftysatchmo I don’t know who that is… sorry mate my name is Vitaly i am comrade from Russia

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walruswitalys you know I see all

This is my beast Misty and she is also my favorite exercise partner. We went for about a 4 mile walk today and she is all tuckered out!

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This is my pet Blanka. He’s a little shy at first but really brings the energy into a room once he warms up to you. Loves to do flips and tricks. We imported him from Brazil.0_1501588264369_Blanka-mnk.gif