This was a game I had as a kid. Just found out there’s 2 sequels and they’re all on steam. I couldn’t recommend this unless you played it as a kid or were gaming during the cd rom explosion.
Will post more later!

I played as far as I could get before losing in the first one. Played just a bit of the second one because, well, I had no nostalgia glasses for it and the controls were different enough to be annoying. I also only played a little of the 3rd one for the same reasons…note that the 3rd one actually had true 3d graphics so I was getting 1600ish fps lol. On the first 2 it was part fmv, part 2d, part faux 3d so I only got 20-30fps at any given time.

It was worth it just to revisit memories from the first one.

Nostalgia is a real thing. I sometimes avoid going back to old games because I know in my heart they will be janky.

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