Metallica - Hardwired...To Self-Destruct

Oh my, my ears are blown away. I can’ts stop it. Played the entire deluxe album twice without stops.

ButtStallion Glad to hear it. After the POS that was Saint Anger and the album Death Magnetic, which showed some promise, it’s nice that this album went in the right direction.

tat2teel Both of these albums you mentioned were badass in their own way haha. But Harwired is far better than these two combined, that’s for sure. I bought it immediately haha

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Katsuo To each their own lol. Wait you expressed an opinion on the internet, I think I’m supposed to take offense, but its you, so I’ll let it slide :stuck_out_tongue:

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tat2teel Ah damn it. I wanted to fight and say how Master of Puppets is the worst album ever made and bait you like a pro XD

Well i listened to it and and was positvily impressed, but then i heard the new Testament Album (Brotherhood of the snake) wich came out at a similar date… and since then the Metallica Album isn´t worth to be mentioned anymore IMHO. I am sorry…