Metro Exodus - Weapons Trailer (Official)


this game looks perfect in every way


The game which I want more than getting fully healed :joy:


Seems like I’ll spend a lot of money on games in February and March. Alrighty then.


I still need to play whatever the second one is called


Stop playing Jerkassic Park World Ewwolution and play some good games instead.


Play it you won’t regret


Don’t speak ill of the dinosaurs


They can go and die for all I care


Same boat as Shifty. I’ve yet to play #2 as well. Which is weird, because I really liked the first. And #3 is lookin’ pretty rad.


Yeah the first was solid. But since I waited I can play it on ultra 4k now hehe


Comes with Denuvo, so it is a no go for @gord0 :smiley: