Metroid: Samus Returns

This is my next game! It’s a remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus for the original Gameboy. It’s not just a graphical update. They’ve added some new mechanics as well. Mele for one. They’ve also added the QoL niceties of the more recent Metroid games. Played for about an hour. Enjoying it so far…but man oh man does it take some getting used to going down to sub 720p after using >=1080p mobile devices for the last 5+ years! With low pixel density on top of that! If you’re going to play this, I recommend playing on the New 3Ds so the eye-tracking keeps the 3d effect working proper. No need for that sweet spot you had to achieve on the original 3ds.
Will post more later!


Oh also, I’m glad I have a stack of writable nfc cards lol

Another game series I never played

A lot of them are easy to emulate (nes, gb, snes, gba). The gamecube ones don’t emulate well though. Gamecubes and the metroid prime games are cheap though.

I was thinking of buying a gamecube with Mario Kart Double Dash. Found it cheap on amazon. I’ll most likely get it after I’m done with the games I currently have.

There’s a Metroid Prime trilogy disc for wii. Don’t get it. They downgraded the textures to fit all 3 on 1 single layer dvd (4.7gb). That’s Nintendo grade cheap. Couldn’t be bothered to pay a fraction of a penny and make the discs dual layer.
Buy them individually.

What about the story? Are they all connected or each game has its own story?

Sorry but that’s not true. I have that trilogy on Wii and it’s on dual layer (7,6 gb). It looks great and I can recommend it to everyone.

Yes, the stories are connected through games. It’s a “must play”.

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Maybe I was wrong about dual layer, but it is true that the textures are downgraded. If it’s not a dual layer problem then it needed to be multi-disc.
Get mp1 and 2 for gc, get 3 for wii.

Actually there were only some water and weapon effects missing just from first game and they were removed due to causing glitches in gameplay on Wii. Echoes and Corruption on Wii has all the effects. In Wii trilogy there are actually upgrades in textures and the format was changed from 4:3 to 16:9.

Another big fail is the wii remotes. Play with gc controller. 3 forces wii remotes though pukes. Also gc versions have wide screen and progressive scan options in game.

It depends on personal controller preference. I actually liked the Wii controls more.
Sorry but GC version runs in Progressive scan mode but not in wide screen.

You guys are funny XD

I’m probably gonna get both consoles since I really want Mario Kart DD on GC and Xenogear Chronicles on Wii. Both consoles are cheap so fuck it. But that will happen maybe in a year or two. The entire 2019 is reserved forrrrrrrrrrr Playstation gamesss

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If you don’t get the nerfed version, the wii plays gc disks, has 4gc controller ports and two gc mem card slots under a hatch on the top of the system.


Yup. Just get the Wii and stick those GC disks in it.

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That’s actually great. Didn’t know thatttt. Now if PS4 could play PS1/2/3 games…

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Just be careful. There’s a version that only plays wii games and has no gc controller/mem ports. There’s less of those out there because they released it in select regions near the end of the wii’s life cycle.

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So avoiding Wii Family Edition and mini. Got it

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Also note that you will NEED a gc mem card. When a wii plays a gc game, it shuts down all hardware that isn’t in a gc. Since the wii is essentially just an oc gc. A gc 1.5 if you will. So when playing a gc game your usb ports, internal storage, and sd card slot will not function.

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