Migrating to Linux

I’m one of those people that likes to try random projects by going all in on them. I’m been slowly getting annoyed with Microsoft adding more things to the OS that I don’t want, so I’ve been toying with moving to Linux full time.

I made the plunge this week by fully formatting my drives and reinstalling Pop OS as my primary operating system. So far, things have gone well. It’s been shockingly easy to run most games, even non Steam games. World of Warcraft actually runs slightly better, despite using Wine to run it.

The only annoying thing I found was some games with Linux native clients are actually WORSE than if I download the Windows version and run them in Proton… Looking at you Civilization Vi.

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I used to mainly use linux and only used windows for things that required it. I got tired of google rabbit holes at least a few times a month due to wierd issues or finding alternative software when there wasn’t . For what I do, the windows experience is better. Especially for games. Also a good chunk of nvidia features don’t work in linux.

Now I see linux as a chore and I’m not on payroll.

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Yeah, I am on AMD which has way better support at the driver level.

The only thing that I am sad about is that Xbox Game Pass is less useful. The streaming is decent, but it is a bit blurry looking.

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Sadly, most of the games I play do use EAC or Vanguard so I’m unfortunately staying with Windows until Epic or Riot actually decide to acknowledge Linux as a thing. That’s also the biggest reason why I never bought the Steam deck and I really want Linux (doesn’t matter which distro at this point) to grow in the gaming space, especially now that Microsoft is basically ramping up their telemetry and AI crap…and I don’t even want to have any of this on my system.

I’m also sticking with Windows 10 until either end of life in 2025 or techtubers say gaming performance in 11 is the same or better regardless of hardware vendor combination (amd/nvidia/intel).

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Yeah, EA made me sad, but they were at least nice enough to give me a refund on EA Play or whatever it is called.

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For me, I prefer convenience. When I get to my pc after supper in the evening, I just want to click on my programs and relax a little by playing a game. Last thing I want to do is fiddle with making said game run, I just want to play it.

I hate formatting and re installing and stuff.

I got a new drive, so I was going through the reformat anyway.

I do agree. Though I’ve spent more time fiddling with non-games. I made this cool resource monitor for example. But it took me like three hours of finding where to get data…

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Interesting hostname :stuck_out_tongue:

You missed the “h” at the end: Dagobah | Wookieepedia | Fandom

Damn it, I need new glasses or learn how to read.

Reading hard.

It might be worth noting that Chrome OS is Linux and probably the most functional. It would be your easiest path and you can run android and linux apps natively.

I swapped over to Nobara, which is a slightly modded version of Fedora. I enjoy it a bit more since KDE has a bit more customizability compared to GNOME.

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