Monitor help.

My dumbass can’t figure out which display panel is in my laptop. MSI GE Raider 85F.

It’s an easy fix once I know which panel.

Is this the one?

IPS duuh

No that one is diff and smaller. 85F or 8SF (can’t tell if letter or number) . 17.something inch 1080p 144hz.

Either GE73 8RF or 8RE then.

Was it a UHD or FHD display? That’s the only way you could tell if it was IPS or not :slight_smile:

That’s close and probably same display. What’s the model?

This pick might help:

QR code is useless.

Potentially the Chi Mei N173HCE-G33, IPS, CMN175C?

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Found it:

link doesnt work for us cause it says we have to be logged into your account which ordered it. Was it the one I linked though ?

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It arrived!.. Now I can’t find instructions on how to open the bezel. There’s no screws on the hinges that I can see. : [

Maybe it’s just snapped on?

When I’m sober tomorrow I’ll contact MSI… unless one of the good folks here finds a guide before then. : ]

Yeah, those two don’t mix well :rofl:

It turns out that wasn’t the right display. The connector is different and it’s only 1080p60. So I put it up on ebay because it was stupidly expensive for reasons unknown. I’m slightly undercutting the other sellers.

What I actually need is a N173HCE-G33 which is 1080p144. It only cost $80 and it’s on the way.


Sorry man, guess my information from google searches on that one was shitty as hell.

No worries, I was drunk when googling.