Monitor Issue

need help guys. Border of my display is black like that. tried auto configuration from OSD and then reset settings from OSD still same. what can i do?

What about manually setting it in the osd?

tried that too. when i try to do that my screen goes under that black area. u know what i mean…

Might be something in nvidia control panel.

Is it a new monitor or one you’ve had? Some new monitors use this to make the plastic bezel smaller so they have just added it to the screen, unfortunately.

Have you tried to change monitor frequency in advanced display properties or tried to change display resolution?

yes and yes did all that before posting here

its the one i had for 2 years i think

Does it do the same thing when you plug a different device into the monitor?

How does this setting look like for you in nvidia control panel? Or you have AMD?

i dont have a different device. which i did was tried VGA cable instead of HDMI. still same

It looks like this

When did it change from normal to wierd?

yesterday morning. i turned on the pc normally then found this :frowning:

Try to change the scaling. Maybe one will fix your issue. Other than that, I’m out of ideas :no_good_woman:

just tried…still same…so i guess gg my monitor?

Maybe, I’m not sure. Usual problems with monitors are dead pixels or weird artifacts, so I’ve never seen a monitor breaking in a way that black bars appear and make your monitor looks like it’s from 1970. I would test the monitor with another PC, console or phone. If you have a newer Samsung phone, try the Dex with it and see if the monitor is still acting like dogshit.

I assume you reinstalled the driver? Check your refresh setting and make sure it matches what the monitor can handle.

Try the other scaling options like full screen and none. I dunno what else

Try a different cable?