Monster Hunter Rise

I got this on Friday and so far I like it. It’s jussst different enough from World that it’s worthwhile. It also makes me grumpy that World doesn’t have an awesome giant wolf I can ride around on. This has better mobility and improves on a lot of what World did. So far it’s maybe a smidge easier. You kill things faster, but that’s not really a bad thing. I hear this is coming to PC eventually and I will get it on that for the graphics and FPS bump. The handheld performance is surprisingly solid, but I’ve been playing it on docked too.

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I was about to say, “I’ll buy it on sale” but it’s Nintendo we are talking about…


I’ll wait for it on PC. :smiley:

I’ll get it on PC too. It’s good! I hope they give it MHW graphics on PC.


I want to buy it for switch but I haven’t seen my switch in a few months. Ever since I introduced the girlfriend to BotW.


Yeah yeah we get it. You have a girlfriend.