Moving Take #2

Hopefully, everything going right at the end of the month I will be moving into an apartment. We have put in the quarter of the deposit as they wanted and its low income based housing so I will only have to pay $300 a month and everything except internet is included. After doing some research we will be able to potentially get fiber internet when the time comes. Unlike last time we went to move, we do not have to worry about someone potentially moving out of the place because no one lives in it right now. Now just have to pray the wife doesn’t have any health issues come up because right after we found out the last time we wasnt getting the place because the person wasnt moving out, she had a stroke and we cought covid… this was around Nov of last year when that happen.

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Hopefully everything is gonna work out. I’m currently trying to find a new apartment for myself as well. Kinda hard to find something because anything that’s decent costs above 600 euros and that’s not counting the costs. Germany is a bit expensive these days. Maybe I just need to get married and split the costs with the wife :'D

Well hope it works out for you, personally I don’t ask my wife to work cause shes got alot of health issues and we are planning to get her to be my caregiver cause of some of my issues I need help with I only trust her to help with.

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Update: SHould be picking up the keys tomorrow, but everything is hell right now because of arseholes who just wanna treat people like trash. On a side note, not sure when ill have internet again once we move but gonna try they do have fiber.

It’s done we got they keys and started moving stuff!


Lost some dishes and our dressers and had to get police involved to get most of our stuff cause her mother went psychotic after we moved and ripped us off for gas money and tried to keep our stuff. But we got the most important things and will figure out how to replace the rest. Just so glad the nightmare of living with the mother in law is over.

Hot damn. Glad the nightmare is over.

Cold damn. Me too!