MSI - Gaming Monitor

I have a chance to buy a MSI Optix AG32C HD Curved Gaming Monitor coming up. Is this one worth getting? I understand its 1080p, but it also has 165hz refresh and Freesync. I am on a ASUS RX 580 ROG Strix Gaming Edition GPU and a 32" TLC TV currently. I wanna be sure the Monitor is worth it cause I maybe stuck on the RX 580 for awhile.


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I think you’re better off saving money. If your current monitor works why not sit on cash for the next emergency that comes up?

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Current monitor is a TV, and my mother wants to buy it off me and is willing to pay for over half of the Monitor for me in return. Her TV in the living room is a 720p 32" TV and its got major issues… we are in the works of putting a little away every month for the next emergency as well as preparing to get our own cremations paid for incase something happens to us so we won’t have the kinda emergency we had with my brother. This maybe the last upgrade for awhile for my PC, unless something happens to it… but I doubt that is gonna happen.

I have a MPG27C from MSI. It’s a freaking amazing monitor but it’s definitely not for people who have less than a RTX 2080 to go with. It’s not worth buying a high refresh monitor if your GPU can’t keep up with it. Anything below 90fps WILL feel stuttery for you and the FreeSync isn’t going to help much.

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Well this one is the AG32C, I have had a 144hz refresh on a RX 470 8gb before. Worked fine, only issues I had was it was a old one so I had to use DVI. Now that I have a RX 580 and will be able to use Displayport hoping it will be fine. But I guess it will be something to think about in the mean time.

Ehhhhhh, I think FreeSync helps a lot. As long as you are above like 60 hz FreeSynce makes things feel great.

Though obviously games running at 144hz feel amazing.

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I don’t know. Everything that drops below 80ish fps, it feels stuttery. There is no tearing so that’s good, I guess. Maybe it feels stuttery for me because I play fast paced games where every single frame is important to me?