MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G GPU Review

By far the best GPU I have ever personally tested. Nice and quiet and has plenty of room for overclocking :smiley:

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good review, thank you!

I’m hoping to be able to get one of these in the next couple months to upgrade my 770!

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Polekatt Really is a greta card but all the new Pascal cards seem to be decent, just depends which manufacturer or look you like best for the most part :smiley:

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Yeah, my computer is black with blue lighting, but honestly, the look of the video cards don’t really make a difference to me, because they ALL ARE TURNED AROUND BACKWARDS!!! :rofl: Especially with the PC on the floor, the backplate is the part you see! That black on black dragon is pretty cool! I like low noise too.

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