MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8gb.

Does anyone here own one? Im looking for information about how well they run and such. Never owned over a 2gb card so this is going to be new territory for me.

I have the ASUS reference version and love it. it’s much better than my MSI GTX 970 and as long as you have sufficient airflow, you’ll be just fine.

I’m using it at 1440p and max out most things and have personally not had one issue with it.

Knowing MSI I’d say you’ll be fine.

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Gorkie You obviously need to have a 64bit windows installed, but other then that it works like a 2gb card just with 8gb … that is all. Although i have to say, that i never had any issues on my GTX 970… the highest Vram load i had was in GTA 5 with around 3.2gb used and i needed 1440p downscale resolutions to achieve that.

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MeFFFlenn Well im using Windows 10 Pro x64 so not a problem there.

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The main benefit of going over 2GB in newer games is you’ll be able to crank up the texture settings all of the way. Other settings use vram too of course, but textures are where you’ll see the biggest difference probably. Enjoy! Oh, and I’ve never owned any MSI products so I can’t speak to that. I usually get Gigabyte cards these days.