My current situation

Best internet on the planet and i paid for it in advance XD Now sent angry e-mail and waiting an apology XD

ArsonSami angry e-mail worked like a charm


ArsonSami damn this is slower than on damn 56 K modem from last century :slight_smile: estimated time for 50 GB game download looks like this :slight_smile: xD

alt text

Mine was going a bit slow today too!




teh_g Mine was worse than 56k hahahhaha

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On average I download at 180kbps.

MyLifeForAiur mine is 500 or more XD

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I usually have 7Mb/s download on steam

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ArsonSami Lucky. I live in the middle of nowhere so this is the fastest I can get. It’s still complete shit but expensive since as I said its the fastest in this area.

MyLifeForAiur Come on the holidays here $200 is enough to last you a month for food and city life XD

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ArsonSami I’d love to. Only issue is when I come back I won’t have a job to go back to since I left for so long.