My Friend Pedro

So this is my next game. It has enough notoriety that I don’t think I need to explain it. It was on my list and my brother got it for me on switch not knowing I would have preferred it on steam. Oh well, switch is proving to be quite nice to game on during vacation.

That said I would have returned it had I bought it myself. Since it was a gift though I’m giving it a bunch of extra chances. Seems to be good as a party game when everyone is drunk and stoned. So far. Will post more later.


I do love Switch.


Soooo…is it good? Are you alive?


It’s fairly good. Think I’m near the end.

End of you or end of the game?

Game end, I still have more beer to drink…


Beat this last night. Fairly good, but I wouldn’t pay much for it. More of a drunk party game…even though it’s single player.

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