My new little piece of hardware

I know that I don’t really need it … but I wanted it for soooo long now and yesterday it was on sale. So I pulled the trigger and received it today :wink:

So now I just have to find the time to install it and try it out. Weekend is sooo close :wink:

PeaceLeon I am a subscriber to Elgato’s YT channel ( ). Great capture card, I always liked it, wanted to capture a lot of games and put it to Youtube, but I hate to speak… :smiley:


How much was it? :slight_smile:

milkywayman 130, it was ok

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Now all you need is TIME to stream :wink:


ooo Very nice, I’ve wanted one of these too but I wouldn’t use it no matter how nice it would look in my PC :smiley:

Very good buy!


I have the external one on my wishlist because I want to move it from pc to pc to capture console games easily. It’s a wishlist item because I’ll probably never actually buy it haha

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Sweet :smiley: