Nana & Paradise Kiss (manga and anime)

These are mostly for girls as the genre is romance and drama but wth here ya go:

BamBam You seem to know the wrong people, as Drama and Romance movies and/or series are quite popular among all genders. I know also woman who would be offended by your claim, that this would be something for THEM, and i know guys who like to watch romantic drama movies alot. i for example like some of them too, depends how cheesy they are and if they aren´t full of stereotypes or cliché characters.

MeFFFlenn Ummm, statistically speaking women hold a larger audience when it comes to the romance genre, while action movies have the male majority. So… I don’t see your need to go to individual examples of preference and further on to educate me on this subject.

BamBam Educate you?! That was an option? XD