Need for Speed : Heat

Didn’t see a topic for this one, so here we go.

First Impressions

I got the game pre day one, I actually preordered this one. Not upset about that at all.

  • disclaimer - The only time I preorder games these days these days is if they satisfy two conditions. 1) I know I’m going to buy the game on day one anyway, AND 2) I get something out of it. Even then, I always wait till the week before, just to make sure nothing crazy happens in development. With NFSHeat, I knew I wanted to get it right off, and they gave me free cars. The cars they give you aren’t exclusive, but the wraps they have are, and you don’t have to pay for them with in game money. I ended up using my starter preorder car. ( I preordered Dirt 2.0 for the same reasons and never regretted it)

As for the game itself -

Overall, I’m impressed, and very happy with my purchase. The game is exactly what I hoped for so far, and actually a little better than I expected.

A TLDR description of this game would be - Its an updated version of The Crew 1.

I’ve played The Crew 1, and this game, I swear guys, its the SAME game. LOL. Pretty much every thing you could do in TC1, you can do in this game. Instead of the whole country its just Miami, I mean, Palm City, or something like that.

Typical story starting out of you are a rookie street racer trying to break into the scene, and the cops are bad guys trying to stop street racing.
You can then go compete in story line races, other races, speed traps, find collectables, etc etc. just. like. the crew 1.

You can customize your car a lot it seems, I haven’t really delved into that a lot, at first, because it takes earning money and winning races. You can race during the day, and earn good money, or you can race during the night, and earn money and reputation. But apparently the day races are sanctioned events and ok, but the night ones are not legal, so the cops chase you at night. If they catch you, you forfeit all your winnings from that night. As your rep grows during a night, the cops will be on the lookout for you. So the trick is to race at night and push it up to the point they are really after you, then go hide in your safe house.

Its pretty arcade like, but hey, this is Need for Speed, not Dirt Rally. Its exactly what I expect.

Graphics are great.
Sound is ok, nothing great, but not bad. A lot of music that “fits” the theme.
Gameplay seemed good, I didn’t notice any glitches during the races, but some of the cut scenes, the voices are just a tad off like in a kung fu movie. Not bad, though, I just noticed it.

Overall impression is good.
I’m quite happy with it. I played it for hours the first night, and enjoyed it.
I started by saying that it was an updated version of the crew 1. I loved that game, so I am enjoying this one. Its an arcade racer, with a story, lots of cars, lots of customization options, and thats frankly what I wanted out of it.

have not tried it multplayer or online play yet, will give an update sometime later when I do.


There’s no excuse for preordering digital content. Whatever tat they throw in isn’t worth encouraging bad behavior.

Disagree. @gord0 when I use my criteria.

I didn’t pay any more than I was already gonna pay, only two days later.
By paying two days earlier, I got free cars that I didn’t have to wait to earn in game. I ended up using one of them over the starter car, because I liked its handling a bit better.
By paying two days earlier, I had the game preloaded, and ready to play when I got home from work.

Now, preordering without those criteria, I totally agree with you man.

But if you are going to get the game ANYWAY, and wait until literally the day or two before only, AND get something out of it that you will actually use, then its a no brainer, imo.

Disagree. It just encourages devs to chisel bits off the game to claim as a preorder bonus. Preordering is for physical goods that have limited quantity. Digitial goods have infinite quantity. Corporations only speak money and as such that’s the language you need to speak.

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My criteria: You can do whatever you want with your money


Hmm, this is on Origin Access. I may have to give it a go.

I’ll definitely get it. Had enough fun with Payback on PS4 and this seems to be way better than Payback. I just hope the driving is closer to Forza Horizon’s driving. I love FH!

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