Need Suggestion about the new DMC5


Should i get DMC5 on pc or ps4?

obviously i wanted it on pc but minimum requirement on pc is i7 and mine is i5 4th gen. so i am kinda worried about that.

Also does anyone knows any news about its going to be 60 fps or not on ps4 slim? that would also help me decide where should i get the game. cause a HNS games like this must need 60 fps to enjoy DANTE’s combos …


Buy it on steam. If it doesn’t run well enough return it and buy on psn.


You have a demo on ps4. Try it out.


It’s a fighting game it has to be 60fps. I’d shit my pants if it wasn’t 60fps on PS4 Slim.

Also you could always buy it on Steam, then if it runs like crap return it for performance issues and get it on PS4.


I’d still check if it’s 60fps… Spiderman was 30fps on pro. But yeah, two click returns on steam.


Google works! 60 fps on base PS4.


I’d still see how it runs on pc. Zero risk in steam purchases…provided you obey the two hour rule.


But on PC you can have the FPS, resolution, and graphics settings above low-med :wink:


No need to tell me that. I’m totally buying it on Steam haha
I’m getting addicted to the 144 fps drug


Wait till you get on the gsync. : ]


But…my monitor is G-Sync compatible :frowning:


Oh wait. I get it now. I’m slow today.


I just meant it would be even nicer because your framerate can be all over the place and still look smooth whereas without it, you need vsync and jar of hope for a good experience.


Pretty sure the game will run so well that the G-Sync won’t be needed at all. And by that, I mean, it will run 144fps without any drops. RE Engine is so freaking good. And by good, I mean, beer. :cherries:


I like 30 fps


okay thanks guys steam it is <3 and i cant run it properly on steam i will go for ps4 thanks <3


Yeah dude right there with you. Anything above 30 just hurts my eyes.


What happens if it doesnt run properly on either? Get it on PS5, duh


What happens if it’s running too good? Buy it on PS1, duuh.


Sometimes I do think games on PS1 ran better on average. The age before devs could sell now and patch later!