Need Suggestion's For my new GPU

so finally i have managed 18500 BDT (around 230 usd) for my gpu also psu. I wanted something good but thats all i can manage now. So can you guys suggest me what gpu + psu should i get within that price range ?

My current config: i3 2nd gen, Mobo: asus h61, ram 8 gb

How low has the GTX970 dropped in price at your region?

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MeFFFlenn not much…actually its still same

Then probaly just a GTX950 + 500watt brand PSU

MeFFFlenn what he said the 970 is a good bet

You can go with the GPU I have. XFX R7 370 4GB DD XXX OC. It’s around $100 now. EVGA 100-B1-0500-KR 80 PLUS Bronze 500W might be a good choice for a PSU. And you’ll even have money for new games.

FPSmadMEDIC 970 too much for me :frowning:

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Katsuo i am thinking about a 2nd hand gtx 670 with 1 year warranty also a Thermaltake 530 watt psu…talking with the buyers now…lets see what happens