Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters

This is my next game! They finally got off their asses and made a game with a modern engine (in this case Unity)! They actually made new maps and non-boss enemies too! No arbitrary 60fps cap either thanks to Unity. I’m currently running at max settings at 2160p>90 (usually >130, often locked at 144). It natively supports Dual Sense but only shows xbox on screen controls.

It’s been long enough since I last played a Neptunia game, they I can’t remember enough of the mechanics to know exactly what’s new/different in this game. One thing that did stand out is that you always have a party of 3 and you can switch between which one you are controlling. Also you can set off skill chains by switching when certain indicators are flashing.

In this one there was some sort of beings causing destruction on the PC continent and the goddesses went to go assist. Neptune got sucked into some dimensional rift. While that was happening, the goddess candidates were exploring some cave where monsters were detected. They found a secret lab with some girl in a stasis tube. They accidentally activate it and she wakes up and exits the tube. She quickly threw all the candidates in the tube and reactivated it for “reasons”. You don’t see her again until presumably later in the game. The candidates were in there for 2 years. When they got out they found out that Neptunia was gone and that the destructive force that was causing trouble on the PC continent was the “rPhone”. Everyone was glued to their phones and the goddesses only had maybe 1% of the shares each. Haven’t yet found out who or what is going to represent the rPhone.

Will post more later!

I’m conflicted on this one. On one hand everything a Neptunia fan would want is here. On the other there’s a fuck-load of things that are garbage tier and I can’t quite place it. It’s either corpo-cuntery and/or dev-laziness. Empty areas with low framerates, t-pose npcs, it’s like they just transported 1970s devs to present day and expected them to understand x86 architecture… or corpo-fuckwittery.

Recommended but fuck you corpo cunts!

I kinda lost interest after the first 3 or 4 games. They are kinda the same with every new release…

I find with the amount of time I put inbetween titles it’s still fun. Playing them back to back would drive anyone insane.