Neptunia Virtual Stars

Hopefully this doesn’t suck.

So what’s new?

I found a gameplay vid. It shows the various things that you do in the game:

They really need to upgrade their battle system, style and add more tech into their games. These things cost 50 bucks on release…

The battle in this looks diff than usual. It doesn’t appear to be turn based. The description mentions something about rhythm being involved. I’ll let you know at some point in 2021.

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I just meant they could’ve tried improving instead of copy/paste Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet and slap Nep theme on it. It’s not a bad thing but when you have something like Persona 5 which is also an anime RPG, you kinda have to ask questions why aren’t they trying to upgrade at least how the story is being told, from Visual Novely style to the standard anime style where obviously the $$ is. Meh, dunno, we’ll see what happens.

I heard that all the Neptunia games are bad.


Hahaha best troll ever for @gord0 and @Katsuo

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