NES Classic Giveaway!

UPDATE: seems like this is US only.

ThinkGeek is giving away 5 NES classics. It’s a pretty standard and easy Gleam entry. Ends in 13 days (12/12/16).

“Sorry, this promotion is not available in your region” :frowning:

I don’t see the product as desirable, even as a gift/prize. In addition to emulators, there’s a couple good retro systems that take nes/famicom carts. If you give a shit about physical get that, it’s not sold out…ever. If you don’t, just throw all your roms on a sd card and use the same aforementioned system…or just emulate on your pc. Even a potato can emulate nes.

The nes classic has, and always will have, only 30 titles. It’s controller wires are far too short (unless you order 3rd party), which defeats the point of the “couch” experience…

Wait, I think I will enter this contest and if I win, sell it on ebay for 500+ usd like all the scalpers are doing now lol x D

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…or maybe not…

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gord0 haha it’s a novelty item at best, but that doesn’t mean I would not take one for free :slight_smile:

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Meh I got the original anyway hiihi

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