New Crysis !!!!!!!!!

that was way too unexpected !!!

Most of the people don’t use Facebook so they won’t be able to see the post.

I don’t think it will be a new Crysis. Remastered Crysis is more probable.

Hope they remaster the first one but add some elements from the third one and i’m a happy man.

Hopefully they remaster the first Crysis so that it doesn’t run worst than Crysis 3, and look way worst.


That’s so awesome they’re remaking Dino Crisis!

Keep dreaming :exploding_head:

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It’s @ShiftySatchmo’s dream, I’m just trying to make it real!

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I’m his dream. I’m real. Dino Crisis Remake is not.

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If you keep saying Dino Crisis remake is real, it will become real. Works every time trust me. That’s how I got the Final Fantasy 7 Remake to become a thing.


I’m not gonna mention it once. Never played that game. For some reason I’ve never saw hype for that game. But then again, at that time I didn’t know anything better than Spyro, Crash and CS 1.6. :sneezing_face:

Half-Life 3 is real


See I can feel it working already!!!


Bloodborne 2 is real

Is that the smell of blood on the wind? Smells like its working!!!

Nah, I thought your method only worked on good games

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No new ideas, remaster everything

Let’s just hope it’s the first one and the 2nd one. !!! Though 2nd one still looks good. Time for feel trip

But will the Crysis Remake be able to run Crysis?

Crysis 2 was a linear snoozefest