New features!


I am excited to announce that @ShiftySatchmo and I have added a great Patreon program here on GX. If you join at the $5 a month plan, you unlock exclusive emojis. At the $10 a month plan, you are allowed to play games with Andrew or me. At the $20 a month plan, you gain mod access. At the $50 a month plan, you can the right to purchase games for Geran once a month. If you pay more than that, I will send you one face picture a month. Thank you for all your help.

Link to the Patreon: Geran Smith is creating GamingExodus | Patreon


Done my part $20 monthly started for as long as I can!

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Hahaha, please cancel that! It had this as a total, 100% joke.

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Bah, was ready to do my part and forgo the snuggles :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahahaha. Once everyone is safe and vaccinated we can do snuggles. I get my second shot in two more weeks.

For serious though, I’d definitely rather you donate to something like EFF or ACLU.

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My area hasn’t opened up for my age bracket on shots… im totally unvaccinated :stuck_out_tongue:


At least cancel the Patreon!

I’ll make a Patremod role in the morning. I assumed no one would see this until I was asleep.


I did cancel it.

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You managed to sneak this in in that 3 hours i was asleep, good job :smiley:


Sometimes I forget that this all started on that other place.

I remember I had one of the low tier packages that gave me the thor hammer icon. It looked better than the higher ones. Then I puked, and here I am.

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I almost actually installed the plugin that lets me automate some stuff through Patreon, but that would require actual work and who wants that.

Angel Munoz would get his kid to do it. The mention of his name pisses me off and I mentioned it.

Wtf dude I pay $30 a month for mod access :angry:

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That would just mean your Head Mod :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha this is awesome and something I would have definitely paid for :smiley:

All of GX costs me $16 a month for the server and $12 a year more for the domain. If people gave me money I’d have to do more :smiley:

Where do I submit my quote about how much I like Gaming Exodus and will it be featured on the front page?


Quote’s start at $100 a letter + time and labor for @teh_g to put it up… :wink:

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