New Job!

So I just started a new job at Modest Tree ! They’re pretty much the same work I was doing at the base but they’re a private company. So no moronic military/gov burocracy. Up to date tools and the right tools for the job. No more McGiver spit and bailing wire.

I also get to work from home most of the time. They hooked me up with a laptop that’s… ok, better than what the base would have given me if they could be bothered to give me a laptop.

i7 9750h
16gb ddr4
some intel ssd

And on top of that, so long as I’m available online between 10am and 3pm I can do the rest of my hours any time I want…
Oh yeah, and a 12k pay increase with yearly raises.


Awesome, man! Makes a difference to find a job you like a little more


Nice :smiley: Enjoy your stay :wink:

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Congrats man! Sounds like a pretty sweet gig!

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