New Jonsbo UMX4 and RM3 Chassis

Normally, I’m not one for sharing Press Releases but I thought these cases looked nice. And yes, the link is from my site :wink:

Link -

Purdy! :drooling_face:

Looks pretty dope. :smiley:

Looks like something In Win would make haha
Pretty good looking!

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That is a slick looking tower…

I am 98% in love with the lok of the UMX4. The usb3 and mic and headphone jack on the front wreck it for me.

I am considering taking the side case of my system and putting a 2/3 window on it instead of the vent and small blue window it has now.

Can I have the black one with the silver one’s side panel?

Beautiful. Very good looking.

I saw similar-styled cases in NZ :

Not same brand, but from a distance looked like brilliant InWIn competitiors. But when you got up close the detailing, finish & quality left a lot to be desired.

I’ve heard of Jonsbo but never gotten hands on with them. Anyone have direct experience? What’s their quality like?

Sgt_T8ie I’ve had a couple of Jonsbo cases in my day and they are top notch! Amazing quality and attention to detail in my personal experience. I definitely wouldn’t worry about them. They are also a part of the Cooltek family which also manufactures the Nanoxia products as well.

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