New PSN level system

At first I thought I was marked for the ban hammer because 187 is the police code for murder…

But I guess they just changed it from 0-99 to 0-999.


I didn’t even know trophy level was a thing.

I was tweaking my profile on my phone and noticed my level had gone up a lot. Waaay higher than my one completionist friend. Double checked on the console, same number.

I will have to check that as well. I wonder what level I am. You get a lot of freebies from the trophies which is niceeee.


@sYnCroSis is the nolife guy with 238 level.


I’m a lowly 207

I think @MyLifeForAiur is the highest level on my friends list. He’s like 7000 or something…

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I’m pretty close to 7,000. I’m level 214 so just a couple more levels to go.

In Canada we have metric trophy units.

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