New toy

Never thought I’d have a phone like this… Times change… :slight_smile:


Samsung phones have always been nice to me.

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I have the ultra one (for work) and I feel like it’s kinda a downgrade for me since I have a Note 9 too. Great phones though. I’ll always buy a Samsung or Xiaomi. Quality stuff.

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2 days ago I dropped the S21 Ultra (from like 10m) while I was doing some nice cable management at work. I nearly got a heart attack (not sure why because Amazon pays for the thing anyway) and the phone didn’t even have a scratch. This Gorilla glass is really a gorrilllaaaaa.

To celebrate that, I decided to buy a Xiaomi mi 11 5G (for me ofc). I’ll post a pic or two when it arrives so I can flex like a true richboi.

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I wouldn’t trust chinese hardware.

The phone’s hardware is literally 99% Samsung xD

All companies in china have to surrender their private data whenever the ccp demands it. It may even have back door hardware. I’m not saying there’s poor workmanship, one simply shouldn’t trust the ccp.

China isn’t any different than any other country in the world in terms of selling/surrendering their data. I don’t trust any of them. Facebook alone probably sold my data a billion times by now.

Who do you think is the better option? The zuck? Bezos? Google? or the CCP? an openly criminal organization that openly is committing genocide, forced organ harvesting, forced sterilization, and putting poor countries in debt traps so that they default on payments and china takes a strategic piece of land for 99yrs as payment?

Which one you mentioned is the good guy? Because they are all the same to me.


It doesn’t matter anyway. The fact is that we are all using their products and they all already have our data. I’m pretty sure the CCP has some of your private stuff too :slight_smile:

Stop using smartphones like me and all is good. Choose the hippie life. It is a free life :smiley:

It’s moreso money going into china. That has to be reduced as much as possible. Privacy is a secondary concern. Don’t fund murder.

Then I should be a hippie like ButtStallion and stop funding/using anything German, British, American or Chinese lol


Germany, Britain, nor America are genociding anyone…not currently anyway.

They did and it still hurts :slight_smile:

Please don’t send non-chinese currency into china.

Too late, I already bought the thing lol

I’m using Xiaomi myself for over 3 years now. It has an Android One OS with no bloody bloatware. After I tested the shit out of it, I bought four phones (birthday gifts) to different members of my family. So far, no one complained. So as far as my experience with Xiaomi goes, I say go for it. :smiley:

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Got my spyphone and holy fuck what an upgrade. Everything you do on this phone is slapped with some nice animations and everything is so smooth with the 120Hz screen. Frosted glass on the back of the phone is so mhmhmhmhmhmmm. Thanks Winnie teh Pooh!!

I wonder if phones can get better than this