New TV!

So I know some of you said before a 32" 1080p TV wasn’t worth it for a Monitor, however I found TCL 32" Class 3-Series Full HD LED Roku SmartTV to be 120hz refresh rate and needed a TV anyhow. So I ordered this one to have for my Monitor & Xbox One S and so I can watch TV as well. My current monitor a Acer 24" 144hz refresh will be going with the PC I am building my mother now out of my old parts in Oct when I order the replacement parts it still needs. :smiley:


I kinda want a new TV. Maaaybe a bigger one. I have a 4k LG 55" with HDR stuff. It’s pretty amazing but I want moreeeee


Sony TVs are great. I always thought Samsung was the best until I got my Sony.

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Samsung has great OLEDs. Sony has better cheaper TVs haha

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Oh I didn’t know you were a rich OLED man. Buy me a TV? Sony is best for gaming

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OLEDs don’t even cost much. They’re like 9 grand or something.

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9 Grand is ALOT of money lol. I barley get about 10 grand a year lol

But i was kidding

I got an OLED from LG for like $1300.

That’s not the same level as Samsung and you know it

Yeah it is. I read a lot of reviews and comparisons.

Pfff I don’t trust any of that. Everyone is paid! @sYnCroSis wants you to buy both TVs and do a side by side comparison

I do. Also I’m sad Sharp has fallen. I loved their TV’s when they were the clear cut winner. My 80 inch is a beautiful monster, but since I bought that one 4 years ago, they’ve gone downhill.

Now it is all Samsung and Sony

I would avoid Samsung. They started installing shitty apps and channels on their Smart TVs without any notice to users. The real issue is they install these apps and channels as basic so you can’t remove them.

I asked Samsung support how I can remove those apps and they told me “you can’t”, We have a deal with company which app is installed.

The second real problem is that while I game on my TV, watch Netflix or Prime, fucking commercial for Rakuten interrupts me in the middle of gaming or watching. The only method I found effective to stop these is to block Rakuten on my router.

So fuck you Samsung, I’m not buying anything else from them.

(Edit: Oh and I’m getting Firestick this month (thanks to my bro), so I’ll unplug this Smartsung from the network completely.)

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Same goes for LG. I have tons of apps installed that I don’t need/want. I don’t get the ads while watching TV though

Sony TV best TV

Next one I’ll try Sony. I hope that they don’t update their customer TVs with bloatware and ads.

It seems like it’s just Android TV so it’s a built in Chromecast basically.

I will let you all know how the TLC is once it arrives :smiley:

Hisense makes all TVs bearing the Sharp brand name in the U.S since 2015. It looks like they (Sharp) recently bought back their own brand name and terminated the license.