New Valkyria Chronicles

shiftysatchmo Where’s the PC love?

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sir_diealot no idea! But the other one was ported eventually so maybe this one will be too.

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Only the first one was ported to PC and it didn’t sell well so they stopped porting Valkyria games for PC. In my opinion, games like these, they are meant to be on console. I don’t know why but I feel like it should be like that XD

I’m pretty sure Valkyria Chronicles sold amazing on PC and was the game that started them making more PC ports??? I could be wrong, but I remember it being the top seller over bigger games. They thanked the fans and everything. Maybe that included the PS4, I dunno.

Valkyria Chronicles is such an awesome game. And I don’t even do the whole anime thing. Was my favorite game when I had a PS3 then I bought it once the reviews were good on PC and played it again. I hope they give the PC more love down the road cause the first is still the only one I ever played.

Apparently the first one is in my library with only 1.7hrs played. Must have got it before return policy.

schlitty When I said it didn’t sell well, I meant it didn’t sell better than the console version haha. I think the game was sold in millions on all platforms. It’s definitely a success. I still don’t know why they didn’t port the newest Valkyria Revolution on PC.

gord0 Not sure why would you return it. It’s a fantastic game. Plus, 60 fps.

Well I put this one on my list. Hope it’s good.

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According to steamspy the PC port sold almost a million copies on steam.

The first one is the only one I played back in the day on PS3 before I got into PC gaming. Enjoyed it a lot.

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Never played these games either. Are they fun?!

teh_g you didn’t get it in the humble bundle thingy?

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shiftysatchmo said in New Valkyria Chronicles:

teh_g you didn’t get it in the humble bundle thingy?

I have a lot of games from Humble things.

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Rumor has it I just bought a PSP off craigslist just because this thread reminded of 2 and 3 being on PSP and that I had never played them. Emulator probably would’ve been the smarter/cheaper route, but I can’t play my PC while I poop. :poop:


September 25th. PC will have 4k and ultrawide support. Guess I better finally finish 2 (turns out the story semi-sucks and playing Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 1 and 2 ended up way better while I poop) and then get to 3 too before then! Maybe even replay 1!

I’m kinda sad VC4 received bad reviews. I have played only the first one, which was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.