NewEgg Sucks :(

I think many of us have known it for a while, but this video really put the nail in the coffin for me.


what does it say, in a nutshell? can’t watch videos at work, with sound.

I mean, what does it say, bit more detail than the obvious title of post, LOL.

Customer buys mobo. It’s broken. Sends back to new egg. Newegg sends to gigabyte. Gigabyte says cpu socket broken. Gigabyte says will fix for $100. Newegg declines. Gigabyte sends broken board back to newegg. Newegg puts it back up for sale. Steve bought it. Never opened it because didn’t need anymore. Customer service refuses refund because it’s “broken by user”. Steve makes youtube video. Newegg coorporate freaking out.


I had an issue with NewEgg years and years ago with a DOA PSU they wouldn’t RMA. Communication was like once a week. Eventually was told restocking fee + me pay for shipping. I complained. Then I contacted Corsair directly and had a free shipping label to print within the day. Had already received a new one by the next Newegg reply.

Looking through my emails, that happened in 2014. I’ve only bought three things from them in the years since on ridiculous sales. And nothing since 2018.

They got a bunch of stuff but have never had customer service. Hell, they even made a subscription service that one time just to get customer service haha…

Corsair PSUs like to catch on fire :smiley: But no support complains

Corsair Support Team (Corsair)

2019, Jul 23, 16:55 PDT

Your return merchandise authorization (RMA) has been approved, and we have included a return label as an attachment to this message. Please carefully follow the instructions below to ensure a smooth return.

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Buying direct usually works well when you can do it. I don’t love Amazon BUT they will pay you to go away usually.

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Might not be personable or anything but yup, Amazon’s streamlined return policy makes them my go to for parts. Fast delivery and if it doesn’t work I’m a few clicks away from my problem being solved. Amazon is still lacking in specific PC components sometimes, but they’ve come a long way in the last ten years with what sellers have.

It makes me sad because they used to be the best.