Next humble monthly

The early unlock for the next humble is rise of the tomb raider

shiftysatchmo This humble bundle was really dope. Sadly i always miss itt XD

Totally worth it with The Banner Saga 2 and Worms WMD. And ofc the early Killing Floor 2 :smiley:
My 6 month plan expired, but I already have the new Tomb Raider so maybe I wont miss much :smiley:

Been a good long while. But I’ll most definitely dive on that early unlock! Noooice :exclamation:

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walruswitalys what was dope? Tell me!

shiftysatchmo All the games are pretty good and I have played them all XD Only Truck simulator is blehhhhhhhh

walruswitalys oh that bundle. I though you meant the monthly

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walruswitalys That is the jumbo bundle, not the montly :smiley:


buttstallion ah i didnt even paid attention to that thing XD


Makes me wish I had the cash, I really want that verison of Tomb Raider gonna hope I can come up with it before its over!

Battletech is awesome :+1:

I guess I won’t subscribe to this one either. :pleading_face:

Subscribed for Battletech. :smiley:

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