NieR Replicant™ ver.1.22474487139...

So this is my next game! It’s an action rpg that has this wierd feeling that I really like. Good fun so far.
Running at max settings at 2160p60. They’re using one of those old janky engines so it’s hard locked to 60 and dsr doesn’t work.

Will post more later!

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This game is pretty darn cool. You can definitely tell it’s a ps3 era game, but it just has this weirdness that hooks you. And the music’s pretty good too. I think I’m going to put Automata back on my list, it might not be broken anymore.

Automata is a far better game. You’ll enjoy that one even more. Nier is still good though. I think that game was the first ps3 game I’ve ever played back in the dayssss


Glad I returned it the first time around.

Just beat it for the second time… It’s so worth it, but only to that extent. There’s more endings but the devs are just cunts. There’s no reason to play any further unless you’re a bitch. Watch the rest on youtube if you must. I’d literally go to jail for beating the producer to a bloody pulp before I’d do it again. Recommended…to a point.

So you didn’t finish it :slight_smile:

I guess not. Though, that also means I’m not a bitch. Fuck the devs in the eyeball with a golf club.

Ahhh now I see how Neil Druckmann got his inspiration for TLOU2 !!!

You’ll have to beat Nier Automata 3 times in order to get the whole story. Luckily all 3 playthroughs are different so it’s not gonna be boring.

Watching the other Replicant endings now. It’s gross. One of them makes you erase your save data. Extreme disrespect for the player.

This is the same with Automata. Nothing new. I’d do that if I want to replay everything from scratch afterwards. Also you can retrieve your save data by beating the game in new game plus.

Or you could not be a cunt and just move on to the next game. If a playthrough is actually different, fine. Otherwise you need to put me on payroll.

All playthroughs are connected to each other. First two play kinda the same but are also different since you play with 2 different characters. Third playthrough is completely different with different areas and characters that completes the overall story in a really really good way. I’d say that the third ending is the reason why Automata is probably one of the best written games in the last 15 years.

If they’re different, they’re worth it. If not, my time is being wasted.

The sound track is still looping in my head.

Apparently this game and several others have had denuvo removed


Yeah square enix started hating denuvo.