Anyone else playing this?

I had a healthy budget this year for games coming out at the end of '23 and beginning of '24.
I tried Starfield because I am a Bethesda fanboy. It was typical Bethesda and I enjoyed it. I tried Balders Gate and it lives up to everything about it, it is phenomenal. But a bit heavy, you have to have a couple hours ready to really enjoy your time. I tried Tekken 8 because I do love that franchise and it lived up to everything I expected, and a bit more. happy with it. I tried Skull and Bones because I played the open beta, and decided for myself, after actually playing it, that it was something I wanted. It is way more fun (for ME at least) than the reviews make it out to be. Thought that would be my games to play from now till fall/summer.

Nightingale came out. It was on sale. It was on my wish list as I had been halfway watching for it, so I took a chance.

Man, I love this game. I find myself wanting to play it more than any of the others most nights.

I can best describe it as playing like Ark, but way more in depth and better. It is set in a Victorian Fae setting, think something like the movie The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe was. Now imagine that after you go through the wardrobe portal to a different realm, you can find other portals, to other all sorts of other realms.

I have been really impressed with the devs, they have been on discord, like all 50 of them, daily since launch, and they are actually interacting with the users and listening.

The learning curve is high on this game. It is not for the lazy gamers that don’t like to read or figure out stuff on their own. But once you do start figuring it out, you realize how much is there, and thats where it starts getting fun.

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Not me. I’m too busy liberating our glorious Super Earth!

Wink wink

lot of people getting into that one, but I just can’t seem to.

If you like Star Wars, Deep Rock Galactic and Halo, you will love it. It’s a surprisingly high quality game for 40 bucks. Lots of customization, lots of ways to liberate Super Earth. I feel like the satiric nature of the game is what the people like the most…and dropping nukes.

I’d recommend to try it with friends. Refund it if you reallyyy don’t like it :wink:

I have not played either of those, but it looks to me like a third person shooter game, where you go up against hordes of enemies or bosses.

which I normally don’t like. LOL

I’ll probably just stick with being a pirate or Mary Poppins, Y’all. :slightly_smiling_face: