Nintendo Switch Hardware Overview

Looks pretty cool. Glad I am picking one up. I wonder if it will just stay upstairs with me, away from the TV…

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Wish I could afford one but ill have to stay out of this, but then if I could afford one I would just get a PS4 and FFXIV on PS4 lol.

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teh_g mine will live in my office but I’ll toss it in my backpack to play at lunch and I’ll probably play it in bed sometimes too. And when I’m watching something I don’t care about haha

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We’re aware of reports Nintendo Switch docks are scratching screens, and we’re looking into it. If this has happened to you please let us know. PMSL. XD

Zmajuga Then this and the joycon connection problems.

I’ve heard some stuff from another UK based tech guy. Saying things like YouTube can be side loaded amongst other apps and what not. Should also lead the way for emulators and loads of Home Brew fun!

I’ve always found it funny how harsh Nintendo is with their Copyright and banning Let’s plays from YouTube and the likes yet their consoles are the easiest to hack and modify :smiley:

GGWP Nintendo.

P.S. This looks amazing but I am undecided if I want a new GPU first :confused:

I enjoy Switch quite a bit. No issues so far!


Zmajuga haha every console launch has a few broken ones. Or a few thousand (red ring of deaaaath)

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