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Earlier this week at the grocery store it suddenly popped into my head, pun intended, that I wanted popcorn. So I grabbed some…but then I noticed the popcorn flavoring salts (usually chip flavors like salt & vinegar or dill pickle). Apparently these are an apocalypse item. Nearly the whole shelf space had been cleared out of them. So I grabbed the last 3. Salt n Vinegar, Ketchup, and Dill Pickle.
So today when I was making fries a cartoon light bulb appeared above my head. When I took the fries out of the fryer I placed them into a container, poured a bunch of dill pickle flavoring on them, put a lid on, and shook it untill all the fries were coated. Best breakfast ever!

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What…you are now Gordon Ramsay instead of Jennings? :popcorn:


Fries for breakfast? I like it

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Likes for breakfast? I fries it


It’s basically skinny hash browns.

I’ve found the missing link between pork ribs and fries. When you’re done your ribs you have a pan/tray full of still really good sauce. Cook fries, dump them in the sauce, stir until fries are fully coated. Waste not, want not…until you’re out of ribs…then want yourself some more ribs!