November 2016 -- Changelog


Config Changes

  • Upgraded to NodeBB v1.3.0


Config Changes

  • Setup some extra caching for those sweet embeds, let me know if you have issues with embeds


Config Changes

  • Upgraded to latest LTS release of Node.js
    • Nothing really important on the forum side, just an upgrade for security
  • Upgraded the calendar plugin, but it still seems broken

Worked with our iFrame embedding provider and CloudFlare to setup a nice cache system. I am hoping this will bring down costs on the embeds!

Now on the latest NodeBB. I did the upgrade like, 3 hours later than I said I would. Mostly because I forgot and watch Silicon Valley instead.

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teh_g At least you are being honest xD

Katsuo said in November 2016 -- Changelog:

teh_g At least you are being honest xD

The key with being in any IT position is to admit when you are wrong.


I disabled the Poll and Calendar plugin. They don’t seem to be playing nice with the new NodeBB version and were causing it to basically hang all the time. Should work well now?