November 2018 -- Changelog



  • Updated the hosting for images
    • DigitalOcean (where the images live) now offers a Content Delivery Network for their storage, so instead of paying $5 a month to Cloudflare, I decided to finally just move over to the DigitalOcean CDN
    • I am rebaking posts now, so the site may be slower while it happens. Hopefully it doesn’t break anything
  • Ditching CloudFlare entirely
    • Being done later this afternoon (probably around 5 PM Pacific)
    • This one is actually a bit scarier and could break everything!!!
    • Ultimately I don’t think this site will be the target of a DDOS any time soon, and if we are I think we have bigger issues to worry about. This saves a solid $5 and may actually help improve site performance
    • If people notice things are slower after the change, I can turn it back on



  • The server got sad when I was trying to do an upgrade, so I had to upgrade it really hard by rebuilding the entire container




Rebake is done on posts. So hopefully image uploading works :smiley:


41055/41053 is not 100% :stuck_out_tongue:

Math is hard!

I wonder why it thought there were two more posts than the total number of posts…

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I made the DNS swap, so Cloudflare is now off. That should update at some point for everyone.

Something broke for some reason, but I fixed it by rebuilding the container.

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Yeah right. Just admit it. You didn’t rebuild anything. You just turned your pc on and off :roll_eyes:

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That is basically what a rebuild does. It just redownloads all of the things.

Did a site update and modified the logo when browsing the page. It should show up as “Gaming Exodus” when on the main page, then show the mini log when viewing topics.


I like it

Looking good sir.

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