Now i can die


Arsononion holy shit dude xD

Ayyyyyyyyyyy finally! Now do the other 150 games you have. XD

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Adnan_Popara I was thinking to do 100$ of first one as well but too much work hgahaha

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Arsononion 2 of my friends who used to play with me back in the day decided to switch to legal copies and now Im thinking about losing another 1000 hours of my life with KF xD

Adnan_Popara I lost a lot on pirate version of KF 1 and KF2 XD than my clan fall apart and i bought kf1 on steam and no one plays it haha

Arsononion 500 or so active players xD but again I never really played on public servers much. I always played with my friends.

holy shit +___+

10 more achievements incoming for KF2 lul

Katsuo I know i saw it XD