October Gamer Challenge Results

One more time!

ShiftySatchmo : 30 GC Points (Gears of War 4 H, Journey N)

Katsuo : 120 GC Points (Dark Souls III H, Quantum Break N+H, Zeno Clash 2 N, Hard Reset H, Tales of Zestiria N)

Sgt_T8ie : 10 GC Points (Borderlands 2 N)

ButtStallion : 10 GC Points (Doom N)

Polekatt : 10 GC Points (Betrayer N)

The winner (by a landslide!) is Katsuo!

Thanks for tallying up for us!

teh_g Sorry it took me so long!

Oh I won this one too? LUL
Da hell are you guys doing? Stop youtubing and facebooking and instragaming and clean your backlogggggggggg

Oh man I almost won…

See Katsuo ? This is why you got a game from me

ShiftySatchmo Oh the game you refunded? Yeah I can see that <3

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Katsuo it’s not my fault you hated your number 1 game. That’s why I got you a game you didn’t want and ended up loving. I KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR MY BABY!!!

ShiftySatchmo Hahahaha can’t deny that!
And yeah, it wasn’t my number 1. Number 1 was, is and will be FFXV. After that HellBlade, Nier, Bloodborne, Titanfall 2 and so on. I was lucky you didn’t get me a typing game or something indie pixelated with some sad storyline. I would never finish these games. :s

#instahate4indiegames (except Hellblade of course)

Katsuo haha number 1 on steam. Hey, you loved to the moon, which was indie, pixelated, AND extremely sad.

ShiftySatchmo Number 1 on Steam was HellBlade ever since it was put on the store :wink:
And To The Moon was ummm…different! It had more pixels than the games you usually play!