Octopath Traveler

Well this is actually a retroactive thread. After Torna this is what I played. Just beat it today! Had to get a physical copy and play in airplane mode.

It’s just a really good jrpg. Story is kind of shallow but gameplay is good and art style is beautiful. My save file says 80+ hrs, but my switch says 150+hrs. Well worth the nintendo tax ($90+ cad back in march).

Totally recommended, but I say wait for pc version just because. I had no choice but to play it on Switch but I would have waited otherwise.


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Played the demo, wasn’t really impressed.

Grab it on a steam sale. : ]

Yeah probably gonna do that. I wanted to get it on Switch but nintendo games are just too expensive.


I only play it handheld when I’m on airplanes. I like it but only 8 hours in.

A side note, the reason I chose to play Switch games in airplane mode during my “situation” was because of all the things Nintendo fucks up, QA isn’t one of them. Not only did it not ship broken but after I got back online, there wasn’t any patches for this game anyway!

Story of my life with the Wii U. So many awesome games I wanted but they just never went on sale or down in price.