Official Magical Wishlist Discussion





I’m going to update the table of contents when I get back from my work trip.


I’ve hyperlinked my steam wishlist onto my user card. Can be seen by clicking my avatar, or on my profile page when you expand the profile background.


Nice! I didn’t know that could be done here now. That will make things easier.


I edited the first post with the new links to each persons post.

Do you still want Destiny 2? I have a copy from Humble Monthly.


Thanks, but I picked up the Bundle my self as well as the expansion pass. :slight_smile:


You need to update the list. You have zodiac age and you know it!


I forgot about thiaaasssssasssass


I’m not sure I knew this section existed. I keep my list private so I don’t fall victim to a drive by gifting of a game I may or may not like.


But if it’s on your list shouldn’t you be interested in it?


I think all the wishlists are manually entered in the main thread anyway, so just don’t make a post there :smiley:


I don’t do the research until the game gets to the top of the list. Prior to that I may have seen a brief vid clip or some screen shots.

Exceptions would be games I’ve seen my fav youtubers cover, in which case I know I want it well before it gets to the top of the list. That or I remove it before it gets to the top of the list.


By the way, I updated mine: Official Magical Wishlist Thread


Did you know Nioh is on sale? :laughing:




I updated mine again. Mostly because Josh is a sweetheart and got me Subnautica for my birthday. I also added the new Europa DLC.


Updated mine as well.


Updated mine since @sYnCroSis knocked Nioh off the list. That cheeky monkey!


Was it on sale?!


Pretty sure