Official Magical Wishlist Discussion



I didn’t update my wishlist


Your dream of having Mountainpass in Killing floor 2 came true I know that’s your wishlist let’s play


Updated mine again. Removed a few games, added another. Joshy got me Overcooked 2 as well :smiley:


I got myself Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb the game of my childhood. Wish they could remaster it, I loved every little thing about that game.


Maybe there is a sweet fan patch of it :smiley:


Nudity mod*


Updated mine because @ShiftySatchmo was a sweetheart and got me Ni No Kuni II.


Updated mine because @Katsuo tells me he pre ordered me RE2 like a fool



Updated mine as well because @PeaceLeon got me shadow of boob raider. Arigatooo~~


Merry Christmas everyone.


Geran got me thaaaat


Its been 2 years since last time i update my wishlist, i completed all games from the last wishlist some on Pc and others on console, anyway this are the ones i’m looking for right now. (Anthem is on number one but im too lazy to look for games out of steam lol) Official Magical Wishlist Thread

I know im an adult now because i cant buy anything until im certain i have the free time to finish it lolkek