Oh crap I am in trouble

Spent a bit too much but damn it was worth it.

Ub6 Gratz and really pretty :slight_smile: I am quite happy with my Rx480(and not just because its all i could afford when i needed a vid card lol) But I am an AMD kinda guy. Always have been. Enjoy bro you wont be disappointed.


Only0neKnight I know the feeling hugs overclocked RX 470 8gb Gaming X

Only0neKnight You also have the ultimate budget build PC! A 1080ti is NOT a budget PC component!

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Ub6 Congrats man thats is a Beatiful GPU

Congratulations. With my shoulder surgery I won’t be able to play anything for quite some time so I will slowly save now to get one of these myself. I would like to get the model with 3 fans though, both for cooling and I think they look better.

Only0neKnight The 480 is a great card be very happy with it.

Spinalfailed I agree it is not…especially in Canada. :frowning:

I originally had went to check out the1070 or 1080. The 1080 was “only” a couple hundred more so looked at them as they beat the 1070 hands down.

Now I have never ever bought a top tier card. When the 680 and 90 were it, I had the 660. The 780ti I had the 660. 980 I came into a great deal for a 780 but after a year it was RMAd and was given a 970 ssc.

To shorten the story I convinced myself to get the 1080 ti, and I am already seeing if I can use the EVGA step up program to get the FTW 3.

I have no extra funds but made this work because I am old and rarely treat myself. The wife somewhat agrees. Lol


Picketech thanks :slight_smile:

Sir_diealot I too wanted one, but nobody has stock yet except for some ugly Gigabyte thing.

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Ub6 Yea that seems to happen a lot with them.

Just an update because nobody cares. :stuck_out_tongue:

EVGA does not step up past the founders edition, the SC2 and FTW3 are not in that program and they are not planning on putting them there. :frowning: Glad this thing over clocks like the dickens.

damn that feel !!!