Only0neknight August Gamer Challenge

RAGE on Hard
Farcry 4 on Hard
South Park Stick of Truth on Normal

Tales of the Borderlands


Pokémon Blue, emulated on my cell phone

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Rise of the Tomb Raider on Tomb Raider difficulty(Normal)


FarCry Primal on Normal


Slow the hell down, man. How am I supposed to win again if you are playing games like crazy? XD

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Katsuo Can’t help it, I’m in middle of wait trying to find new work and on Chantix, gotta keep busy.

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Only0neKnight Wish ya the luck with the job finding and that other thing! Rock and game on, bud!

Katsuo Chantix is a drug to help stop smoking, kinda worried cause of possible side effects but if it works then awesome. :slight_smile:

Only0neKnight I’ve never smoked in my life so I didn’t know what that is. I hope it’ll help ya. Not a fan of any type of pills, drugs, whatever comes out of pharmacy.

Keep on rocking them out. Anything that helps you stay positive & motivated is good.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate on Normal


And the final game I was able to finish is Just Cause 3 on normal for PS4, was well worth borrowing from my buddy. Loved the story. Viva La Revolution! :smiley:

WTH, do you have a life? :smiley: Kidding, nice job :smiley:

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ButtStallion Yeah I do lol, in middle of wait to start a new job and quitting smoking, gotta keep mind busy to make it all easier :smiley: