I just finished Onrush. By finished I mean I finished the campaign which has no story but only challenges which are pretty fun and difficult as hell. For those who do not know, Onrush is a action arcade racing game. Basically, Flatout/Blur on crack. It’s pretty fun and what really weird is, multiplayer is alive and kicking. It takes me literally 2 seconds to find a match. Crazyyyyyyyyyyy.

Recommended if you like to destroy cars with your car while flying.

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You love platinum trophies.

I get free PSN money from it so yeahhhh

wtf, really?

Yeah we (in Germany only I think) get every 3 months or so something like a competition, giveaway thing and when we reach certain amount of trophies/platinum, we get 10e/20e or 50euro based on our “performance”. I think top 20 players get PSN money and rest get avatars or themes for PS4. It’s something like a rewards program that you guys have in the US.

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It’s obviously not much but it got me a bunch of games this year so I’m totally cool that something like this exist.

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