Opinions Needed.

I have about $600 - $700 worked out for a upgrade, and I can’t decide which way to go. I know I would like some Samsung B Die Ram to replace this Micron Ram with I have. However I am trying to decide between upgrading to a 3700X + x570 + RAM or getting a RTX 2070 Super + RAM or none of them 3 and getting a RTX 2080 Super(I found a MSI RTX 2080 Super for 699 on newegg). I currently have a RX 580 8gb, B450 Gaming-F & Ryzen 7 1800x. I am having one of my moments where I can’t decide which way to go… so I would like your opinions on which way to go would be better out of this. Note I am not looking to get a RX 5700 XT / RX 5700 this time around if I do get a GPU.

Or don’t upgrade and keep the money because this will be a hard year.


Agreed, you said opinions needed, so I’m gonna give you my flat opinion. Stop spending money everytime it comes in so that you can advance in life. Dream bigger than the next pc upgrade and shiny toy. Your life is half over, make it count for something. We all love video games and fun, but live for more than that. Saying this out of love because you welcomed opinions and I know others feel the same.

Start living!


Both of you are right, and as much as I might want to hate said opinions I can not bring my self to do so. Time I get some things ill need and stock up on things to get through this years bullshit and survive.


There you go man. Take it a step further though. Don’t just live to survive. LIVE. Experience life. Travel, find your soul mate, go on an adventure. LIVE


More ideas: Work on a career where you can make a bunch more money so finances don’t control you. Discover your skills and put them into motion for financial gain. Then buy all the PC toys you want and not get constrained by lack of funds.


@sYnCroSis could not have said it any better. I agree with him and @ButtStallion
A couple years ago, I spent my PC upgrade money to see Niagara Falls, something I’ve always wanted to see. Totally worth it. The next year I went to see the Ark thing in Kentucky, and this year I went to see civil war ruins on the coast. My PC last received any type of upgrade 3-4 yrs ago, before this. And ya know what? Perfectly worth it. I can still play anything I want, and I got to have really cool experiences and memories.

My opinion is, if you have extra money, right now is definitely not the time to be spending it on pc upgrades. Save it, because you may need it for food later in the year. If it all turns around and everything gets back to normal, then awesome! Then use it for something fun. But better to be prepared for now.


Well I agree, also I have had my time traveling already in my life. I spent 20 years between Maine, Texas, Ohio as for Adventure 5 years of that I was homeless so I would say i spent my time well. The only thing I did buy was some new clothes, pay off bills and ordered a new TV for my bedroom because my TV I have now for my PC is going in the living room cause the living room TV died but I still have over $400 stashed away for emergency now. Wanted a gaming monitor instead but Amazon was being a dick and refusing payment on the monitor I wanted with the card we used.

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