Ori and the Will of the Whisps

This is my next game! It’s basically like the first game from what I can remember. Metroidvania. Similar vibe to Hollow Knight except I like the art style better. There are no graphics settings other than res and borderless/full screen. So I’m running at 2160p>60 (dsr 1440p, usually >100). DSR only works in full screen. It seems to forget you chose full screen so I have to reset that and the res whenever I run it. Will post more later!

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It’s on my list so if you say it’s at least as good as the first one I might play it sooner. I liked the first one quite a bit.

Its on gamepass too. The first one as well.

Had to bump down to 2036p, one of the boss encounters dropped my fps down into the 50s.

Just beat it! Fucking epic game. It’s waaay bigger than the first and waaay harder, but not in a cunty way. Recommended! Oh I also had to bump it down to 1920p due to another boss encounter that threw my fps into the 50s. PLAY THIS!